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This Brightcove plugin allows you to measure Brightcove players on your website tagged with AT Internet JavaScript SmartTag trackers from version 5.5.0.


Get started

  • Download our main library (smarttag.js) with this plugin (at-smarttag-brightcove.js) and install it on your website.
  • Check out the documentation page for an overview of the SmartTag functionalities and code examples.


First of all, you must download our JavaScript library from Tag Composer.

Tag Composer allows you to configure your SmartTag:

  • Set up your tagging perimeter/scope (site, domain used to write cookies, etc.).
  • Select desired features via configurable plugins. Rich Media plugin is mandatory.

Once the library is set up, you can download it and insert it with this plugin into the source code of the HTML page to be tagged.



Getting Started

  • Download the plugin videojs.atinternet.version.min.js and place it on your server.
  • Edit the player configuration in the Players Module of Video Cloud Studio.
  • Under Plugins>JavaScript, add the URL to the plugin to the player configuration and click +.
  • Under Plugins>Name, Options (JSON):
    • Enter atinternet as the name
    • Add the following JSON with your tag data: site number, log and logSSL



You can change a few things by adding options to the previous JSON

  • mediaLevel2: If you want to define a level 2 for the player
  • refreshDuration: If you want to change the refresh duration or disable it (5seconds minimum, 0 to disable)
  • internalDomains: You can define a list of internal domains used to broadcast videos, others will be considered external
  • isEmbedded: if you prefer, you can replace the option “internalDomains” by this one and directly define if a player will be used internally or externally (ex: {“isEmbedded”: true} for external broadcasts)


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