Clickable Pages

With this script you will be able to enrich your AT Internet experience with an interactive and customizable application. Especially for content managers or editors who need to check the contents of their pages very frequently it can be a great help.


  • – Save time. Just click your page and view it a new tab.
  • – Interact with your analysis.
  • – Work faster. Search for your page via search feature and/or sort the most relevant metrics.
  • – You may enrich the application with additional visualisations.




To use script, you should:

  • – Have basic knowledge of the language R and Shiny
  • – Create an account on the free tool or you choose a different hosting method:
  • – Have on your computer RStudio
  • – Host your script from RStudio with your desired hosting method:


REST URL creation


The script works with AT Internet’s REST URL. Your API call must contain all of the following dimensions and metrics:

  • – Pages (Pages)
  • – URL (Site Custom Variables) or d_ati_url (Option)
  • – Visits

You may use further Dimensions and/or Metrics. Please be sure to adapt the script if you enrich the REST URL.

The script works with an API-key. You can create REST URLs with API-keys in the 

Be sure that your REST URL uses HTML format.

Your final REST URL should look like this:{d_page,d_ati_url,m_visits}&sort={-m_visits}&space={s:#LEVEL1ID#}&period={R:{D:’-1′}}&max-results=10000&page-num=1&apikey=#APIKEY#

The example code uses “yesterday” as period.

Feel free to use your desired period from the Data Query interface or directly from our documentation:

If your URL variable starts with “www.” you need to make a little change in the script at the “href” step.


Script set up


Your script must contain two parts.


Finally, you can run your app and publish it to or your favorite hosting system.

Tip: If you want, you can integrate your shiny application in one of your AT Internet dashboards as an iframe with a Text Box:

<p><iframe src=” APP#/” width=”2000″ height=”1100″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”true”></iframe></p>


Please note that your application is independent from any setting in the dashboard module.



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