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AT Connect Decibel Insight allows you to link your data that you analyse and display in the Analytics Suite to the session recorded by Decibel Insight.


The AT Connect is user-friendly and helps you to understand the behaviour of users on your website. By segmenting your data in the Analytics Suite using Data Query or displaying your analysis in a Dashboard, you can link a specific visit to the session recorded by Decibel Insight.

Watch the session and learn how to improve your website!

Getting started

To get started, all you have to do is to follow the installation guide described below.




Before using the AT Connect Decibel Insight, you will require a DecibelInsight account and you will have to add the Decibel Insight browser extension which is available for Chrome and Firefox.


AT Connect Decibel Insight will require you to add on your website code two Decibel Insight functions:

  • decibelInsight(‘ready’, function() {}) – This Decibel Insight’s function is a callback script in which you will insert the AT Internet Tag
  • decibelInsight(‘getSessionId’)  – This Decibel Insight’s function will return the ID session recorded by Decibel Insight. The Decibel ID session will be therefore used as a dimension in the Analytics Suite applications.

Step 1 : Add in the body of your webpage the decibelInsight(‘ready’, function() {}) function

Step 2 : Insert in the function the AT Internet JavaScript for site custom variables :

Step 3 : Complete a the desired site custom variable with the second Decibel Insight’s function decibelInsight(‘getSessionId’) 

Step 4 : The AT Connect is now ready. Have a look on the presentation below to see how to use the connector.


As soon as the script above has been added to your website, you are able to use AT Connect Decibel Insight. Watch the video below to use your new connector :


3 reviews for Decibel Insight

  1. Jonathan

    It’s a great integration ! Easy to use and very powerful to understand an replay the behaviour of visitors right after a Data Query analysis.

  2. Cédric

    Great one! A good combination of analytics and session recording!

  3. David

    works well

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