Funnel Creator with Python

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Funnel generator is a Python script that allows you to see an overview and the details of time spent and abandonment rate for website and/or app funnels and paths.



With this script, you can create a funnel with:

  • – An unlimited number of steps
  • – Consecutive or non-consecutive steps
  • – The possibility to apply a segment
  • – Exclusive data visualisations like funnel, distributions and boxplots



To use script, you should:

  • Have basic knowledge in Python
  • Create an account on the freemium tool
  • Have on your computer the Python notebook software Jupyter
  • Install the package on your computer

API URL creation

The script works with AT Internet’s API URL. Your API call must contain at least the following dimensions and metrics:

Where the sort parameter is set on the Date-Time (event) (time) dimension:

Then, you can add filters or segments and choose a specific level.

You can also configure your API URL call with Data Query. For a quick start, you can import the following API URL using the import button in top left-hand side corner of the interface:

Tip: The shorter the number of results your data set returns is, the faster the script will be. Therefore, we recommend that you to add filters on the page dimension based on the page labels you wish to see in your funnel analysis.

Script set up

Once that is done, you have to add some extra information as shown in the example below:

Here is what you have to set:

  • start_date: Start date of your analysis period (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • end_date: End date of your analysis period (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • params_api: Should only contain your API settings, which includes the parameters: columns, sort, filter, segment and space.
  • auth: Your AT Internet login et password
  • language: Language of your AT Internet account
  • pages: The exact page names that will be part of your funnel. They must be in the right order (‘step 1’, ‘step 2’,’step 3’…)
  • pages_short_name: The short names of your pages (will be used in funnel visualisation)
  • username_plotly: Your username
  • apikey_plotly: Your API Key

Done! You can now launch all your scripts and get visualisations.

1 review for Funnel Creator with Python

  1. Nicolas Hinternesch

    Very cool plugin.
    Easy to implement, nifty visualizations, and the integration with Plotly comes in really handy when it comes to deploying / embedding / sharing the visualizations. Fantastic!

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