iAdvize is a chatbot solution that allows brands to communicate with their customers to help them in their digital journey and experience.


Measure your chatbot’s interactions and contributions to the customer experience in the Analytics Suite 2 and contextualise your users’ interactions with AT Internet data.

Getting started

To get started, all you have to do is to follow the installation guide described below.




  • You need an iAdvize account
  • To implement AT Connect iAdvize, you will have to use the callback functions provided by iAdvize. For each callback, you will have to associate a pages tag, click tag or publisher tag according to your goals


iAdvize callback functions are listed here:

  • onChatButtonDisplayed => display chat button
  • onChatDisplayed => chat display
  • onChatStarted => start of the chat (initiation of the chat with message sent by the chatbot to the internet user)
  • onMessageReceived => message sent to the internet user
  • onChatEnded => closing of the chat windows

When one of these callbacks is detected, you can trigger a tag in the form of an AT Internet hit url in the following formats:

  • For a page:

  • For a click:

  • For a publisher:

Callback example


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