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The Scroll Tracker is a tag for AT Internet's SmartTag that helps you measure the depth of users' scrolls over several pages on your website.


Based on AT Internet's Publisher tag, the plugin is a great tool for media websites, for example, to measure readers' engagement with their content and their advertising space.

Getting started

To get started, all you have to do is check whether you have installed the AT Internet JavaScript SmartTag on your website with the On-Site Ads plugin.

If that's done, you can directly integrate the Scroll Tracker tag with the code below. Don't forget to read the full technical requirements before you start. If you want to propose improvements you can push new contents on the GitHub repository here.




Before integrating the tag, you must make sure to have attached 3 different files to your website :

  • The smarttag.js file to your website (to be downloaded or deployed from Tag Composer) and that it includes the On-Site Ads plugin (check Tag Composer configuration).
  • The scroll.js plugin, which you can download by click on the above download button.
  • The jquery.js plugin, which you can download on the jQuery website.

Standard tag

Scroll Tracker can be set up with one line of code. In the same way you set a new page before dispatch. Just initiate the tag with the function tag.Scroll.init() and the default values will be used to send your hits.

If you wish to customise the page levels where the hits are sent you can use the following attributes listed in this table:

Name Default value (pixels) Description
first 1500 First time you want to send scroll
interval 700 Interval when you want to send new hits

If you want to have the page name in your analysis you have to put it in a publisher variable, for example you can add a line before the line 39 in the scroll.js file which can be :


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