Visual Website Optimizer is an A/B Testing tool developped by Indian firm Wingify. VWO is the ideal platform to bring together all your conversion optimization program, from visitor research to A/B testing, at one place.


With AT Connect VWO, you will be able to view and analyze the results of your VWO A/B test in the Analytics Suite 2.

Getting started

To get started, all you have to do is to follow the installation guide described below.




  • You need a VWO account

Adding tracking code to test pages

Add the following code snippet on all website pages.  The snippet works with both Synchronous and Asynchronous code of VWO.

Viewing the results in the Analytics Suite 2

After adding the tracking code, check the TEST (MVTESTING) and CREATIONS (MVTESTING) dimensions. The TEST(MVTESTING) dimension will have VWO_Test_ID_# (where # is the test Id). Under the CREATIONS (MVTESTING) dimension, you will find the variation names displayed for the visitors inside the test. For example, VWO_Test_ID_24 has two variation names corresponding to it.

Locate your VWO test ID

Follow these steps to view the Test ID in the VWO dashboard:

  1. Select the test for which you want to view the Test Id.
  2. On the test details page, select Settings > Summary.

3. To view Campaign ID, go to the Other Information section of the page.


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